Mayweather vs McGregor Betting

After what feels like an eternity, Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor is finally on! The superstar sporting icons have stopped dancing around the ring and decided to glove up. Mayweather vs McGregor betting is expected to deliver a knockout blow to betting records, so as well as fight info and tickets, we also have all the latest betting odds and special offers.

Breaking News: There are rumours circulating that following the McGregor v Nurmagomedov fight, Connor may be looking at a big money rematch. But Mayweather v McGregor 2 could be played out UFC style in an octagon.

The hotly anticipated fight is scheduled to take place on August 26th 2017, at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Early projections suggest it will be the most watch sporting event of its kind, with hundreds of millions watching around the world. Mayweather vs McGregor Tickets are expected to sell out fast so get them while you can.

Fight Details

t-mobile arena. las vegas, nevadaLocation:

T-Mobile Arena, 3780 S Las Vegas Blvd,
Las Vegas
Nevada, NV,

Directions: Google map


Money Mayweather and McGregor Fight Purse

One of the main reasons this epic fight took so long to arrange, was reportedly due to disagreements about sharing the fight purse. Although McGregor appears to have backed down a little on his demands, he is still due to make a very tidy sum.

According to various news sources, the MMA superstar stands to make at least $75m. That figure represents a fivefold increase on his usual fight earnings. As for Floyd Mayweather Jr, he is set to make a measly $100m from the bout.

Some sources expect both fighters to make way in excess of early estimates, as much as $400m and $127m for Mayweather and McGregor respectively.

Mayweather vs McGregor Betting Odds & Offers

As expected, bookmakers have wasted very little time in weighing up the odds of who will win. With several heavyweight betting sites fighting to offer punters the best betting odds and special offers.

It’s worth noting though, most special offers are only available to new customers so wagering requirements will apply. To see what these are, simply visit the respective betting sites and check out the terms and conditions.

Below you will find the latest and up to date Mayweather vs McGregor betting odds. We check these offers on a regular basis to ensure you’re getting the best odds possible.

Boyle Sports – Mayweather – 1/6 – McGregor – 4/1 – Draw – 33/1

Paddy Power – Mayweather – 1/6 – McGregor – 4/1 – Draw – 50/1

Bet365 – Mayweather – 1/6 – McGregor – 4/1 – Draw – 40/1

Betfair – Mayweather – 1/12 – McGregor – 13/2 – Draw – 25/1

William Hill – Mayweather – 1/7 – McGregor – 9/2 – Draw – 40/1

Bet Victor – Mayweather – 1/9 – McGregor – 5/1 – Draw – 33/1

The odds above are for existing, but if you want some enhanced betting odds for new account holders, check out the offers around the page.

Bookies expect the Mayweather vs McGregor fight to break boxing betting records, surpassing Mayweather’s 2015 bout with Manny Pacquiao; which remains the biggest boxing event in terms of amounts staked at roughly £25m. But early betting forecasts predict double that figure to be staked by the time these two blockbuster names take the ring.

Should Floyd Mayweather perform as expected and win the Money Belt, the bookies stand to lose millions; as he is so heavily backed. But should Conor McGregor pull of a shock victory there are some punters who will be feeling punch drunk.

One UK bettor in particular stands to loose a whopping £100,000 after backing Money Mayweather with two £50,000 bets.

Mayweather vs McGregor Betting Markets

Round Betting Bands

Floyd Mayweather to win in Rounds 1-3 6/1
Floyd Mayweather to win in Rounds 4-6 9/2
Floyd Mayweather to win in Rounds 7-9 4/1
Floyd Mayweather to win in Rounds 10-12 6/1
Floyd Mayweather Points – Full Distance 11/4
Conor McGregor to win in Rounds 1-3 13/2
Conor McGregor to win in Rounds 4-6 9/1
Conor McGregor to win in Rounds 7-9 18/1
Conor McGregor to win in Rounds 10-12 33/1
Conor Mcgregor Points – Full Distance 25/1

McGregor Betting Specials

McGregor not to win a round on all 3 judges scorecards 6/4
McGregor to have a point deducted 9/4
McGregor to be disqualified 7/1
McGregor to have a point deducted for kicking 8/1
McGregor corner to throw in towel 12/1
McGregor to be disqualified for kicking 14/1
McGregor not to land a single punch 33/1

Mayweather Betting Specials

Mayweather to have a point deducted 6/1
Mayweather to win 120 -108 on all 3 scorecards 10/1
Mayweather corner to throw in towel 16/1
Mayweather to be disqualified 33/1
Mayweather to knock McGregor down 3 times in one round 33/1

Get Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor Tickets

Mayweather vs McGregor TicketsNow the Fight venue and date has been confirmed, we’re expecting tickets to sell out fast. But if you fancy a seat at the fight, we’ve teamed up with the Ticket Network to provide you the opportunity to get Mayweather vs McGregor tickets.

Bear in mind though that this won’t be a cheap event to attend. If you fancy a ring side seat, tickets will set you back a whopping $95,000. For those of you who fancy being wined and dined, hospitality tickets are a snip at a mere $3,000 apiece.

The fight is a once in a lifetime event, so if you want tickets you will need to act fast before prices rocket.

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Who Will Win the Money Belt – Mayweather or McGregor?

The man considered the best pound-for-pound boxer, before his retirement, takes on a star of MMA; so this will be a difficult one to judge. The two styles of fighting are vastly different, and also bring with them a difference of opinion.

People in boxing circles believe Mayweather will easily come out on top, possibly toying with Conor for a few rounds before putting him out of his misery. As for MMA an UFC fighters, they have nothing but respect for McGregor as an all-round fighter.

What do Fighters Think!

Ricky Hatton – Fought Floyd Mayweather Jr in 2007

The only British boxer to face the might of Mayweather in the ring, feel the fight may be a little one-sided. During an interview with BBC Radio 5 he said;

“The mixed martial arts people tell me he is fantastic because he is fearless, reckless and that makes him entertaining, but he is a hopeless boxer.

“He is a raw novice. Peter McDonagh, who has lost more times than he has won, is the Irish champion at Conor McGregor’s weight, and he would beat McGregor in a 10 or 12-round fight. This will be an absolute mismatch.”

Kevin Lee – UFC Lightweight Fighter.

Although most pundits and experts appear to favour a Mayweather whitewash, Kevin believes McGregor shouldn’t be written off so easily.

“Floyd isn’t going to knock out Conor. Conor’s a much bigger man.”

“Conor is the much better fighter overall and I think even Floyd would admit that. If we’re talking about pure martial arts fighting skill, I mean, Conor’s way… you can’t even hold a candle to it.”

Since his initial statements, Lee does think that although Conor can stand his ground, he may have met his match.

Our Verdict

McGregor is a whole 12 years younger than his opponent, and also has an unrivalled tenacity. Mayweather has always had problems with southpaws, Conor McGregor is a southpaw who packs a punch. Whenever he hits people, they fall!

He’s won 21 of his 24 MMA fights, including 18 knockouts, but were not convinced that will be enough.

Mayweather may be 40 but that may just work in his favour. With decades of fighting experience and maintaining a peak physical condition, Floyd is an expert in dictating fights. We think despite maybe getting caught off guard on a few occasions, he will keep his composure and stick to a well strategized fight.

Our money has to go on Mayweather.